146.745 Mhz, minus 600 Hz offset,
71.9 PL tone (effective 9/1/2015)
Allstar Node 41524
EchoLink 440738

This is a club sponsored FM voice repeater located in Newark, NY and is the secondary frequency for Wayne County RACES. It should have coverage over most of Wayne County and Northern Ontario County.  Please note the addition of PL tones on ALL DARC Repeaters.

 745_1 745_2

To connect to an ALLSTAR NODE  *3xxxx    TO DISCONNECT *1xxxx   Allstar nodes start with a 2 or 4 (ex.*341512)
To connect to EchoLink Node    *33xxxxxx  (must be 6 digits)  To disconnect  *13xxxxxx
* 55 -To connect to Newsline     To disconnect *56
* 86 -To get Wayne County weather alert
*87- Weather Underground -Newark Bell Rd  (Temp, DRirection,Humidity etc)
*88- WX Forecast for Wayne County for the week. (long Message)
*551 -Connect 745 to 443.250
*552- Disconnect 745 to 443.250
*93 -To get Enable Parrot mode
*94-To get Disable Parrot mode
*50- Force ID
*81-To get the time
*6-Autopatch up     (*6-then telephone number)
*0-Autopatch down


224.900, PL tone 110.9 (same location as the .745 repeater in Newark, NY)

Allstar node 47631

We are on the process of adding a new amplifier that should give us a bigger footprint on this area