The Brantling Hill Gang

The Drumlins’ began as “The Brantling Hill Gang”. They were a loosely formed group that gathered to participate in contacts such as field day. They had no regular or official meetings and just met for the different events. They formed “The Drumlins Amateur Radio Club, Limited” in 1975. Charter membership was closed in December 1974. Certificates were passed out January 1975 signed by Ernie Sulouff, WA2ANL.

DRUMLIN = Celtic (meaning “little hill”)

A drumlin is a particular type of hill that is found in regions that have been glaciated. It is usually shaped like the top half of an egg laying on its side, or like that of the back of a spoon. Drumlin dimensions are variable, but they typically range in size from approximately 500 to 2000 meters long; about 1/3 of this or less in width and from 5 to 50 meters in height. Drumlins always occur in groups known as “fields” or “swarms”. We live in a fascinating area, eh? (one meter = 3.2808399 feet)