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Drumlins 1st Fox Hunt will be Sunday July 19. You can see Jeff's suggestions below. Check on will be on 146.685 repeater (pl 71.9) starting at 0845 hrs (8:45 am). Jeff will start transmitting on 146.490 simplex at 0900 and will transmit a signal every 10 minutes along with some clues.  I hope the clues are not in Morse Code hi hi. First place is a $30 Tom Wahls gift card and  second place is a $20 Tom Wahls card.  I hope everyone relaxes and has a good time as we've had virtually no Ham events this summer.  Thanks to everyone who is participating and especially to Jeff N2MKT for getting this organized.
Jeff suggests you  should  drive to a high location say Brantling or a hill above average terrain, then use a yagi vertically to sweep in a 360 fashion... where ever the signal of the fox is stronger is the direction the fox is transmitting in...then based on the signal strength is how far the fox is if its weak the fox is further in  that direction... a map would be helpful... a compass would be helpful... the closer you get to the fox the more you want to attenuate the signal..aka turn the knob to the right... so if u are like within a half a mile to the fox u should attenuate max.. per say...

I would say that they should get a bearing before they leave there house at a high altitude so they can zero in on the correct direction.... but I will be in Wayne County... i will be running 1.5 watts to a 5/8 wave antenna... i guess I can't give out anymore information with giving out my location?

We will resume LIVE Club meetings on Wed July 15 at the BOCES Finger Lakes Conference Center, 131 Drumlin Crt, Newark NY (enter from Maple St at sign, drive to the back of the road, left into parking lot for handicapped entrance).  SOCIAL DISTANCING and FACE MASK are REQUIRED (bring your own mask please).  Monitor 146.685 starting 2 hours prior to the meeting for any announcements.  This can change if the Health Dept or government orders changes.

Please help reduce the inevitable overload on our Healthcare system by staying home. If you are ill, call your doctor if feeling ill rather than going to ER or Urgent Care.  If you are having severe respiratory symptoms, go to the nearest Emergency Dept immediatly.  Please also watch out for your friends and neighbors and support your local small business's.

Check 146.685 starting 2 hours prior to meeting time for any cancelation announcements.. On the hour and half hour


Interested in joining the Drumlins ARC? Click on the "Join" tab above or come to a meeting. (listed below) 

SPECIAL NOTE:  VE testing is currently not being offered.  Please see note below under Free VE testing.   We apologize for any inconvenience. Contact Russell Harris N2IV  at rcharris@msn.com for info regarding testing at Squaw Island Amateur Radio Club (SIARC) in Ontario County  rcharris

Membership Note:

2020 DUES: It is that time of the year again.  Please click here to use PayPal to renew.  You may also pay Walt Dutcher, W2WBD at any meeting.  Thank you.



  (email KD2DNOII@GMAIL.COM for additions or changes )


FOX HUNT   SUN July 19.  Check in at 0845 hrs on 146.685 (pl 71.9).  Location/clues transmitted starting at 0900 approx every 10 min on 146.490 Simplex. We will search until found but end around noon at latest.   The Fox will be located somewhere in Western Wayne/Eastern Monroe/Northern Ontario County.  First Prize is a $30 Gift Card to Tom Wahl's, Second Prize is a $20 Tom Wahl's Gift Card (valid only at any Tom Wahl's) .  Register with Bill at kd2dno@gmail.com.  All Ham's are welcome.  Non-licensed Ham's can also join in but won't be able to transmit back.  Opportunities are limited this summer, come join in on some Ham Fun!.

Thur July 30  6pm-9pm  PalMac High School.  FEMA/Red Cross drill.  Contact David Taylor if you can help.  kb2kby@rochester.rr.com

Tue Aug 25  Ginna/FEMA drill  8 am to 2 pm.  This drill is still up in the air, watch for future announcements but if interested please add this to your calendar so we have enough members ready if needed. Contact David Taylor at  kb2kby@rochester.rr.com  if you can help.

Sat Sept 12    ROC MS RIDE   Go to www.rochesterham.org, click on Public Serve and complete the form to register to help

Fri and Sat Oct 30 and 31.   Pumpkin Patrol.  Contact David Taylor at  kb2kby@rochester.rr.com  if you can help.  We always need plenty of help on either or both nights.


Read an interesting article especially if you are interested in learning more about Amateur Radio


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Meetings every Third Wednesday of the Month at Fingerlakes BOCES Conference Center

Doors open at 7 pm, meeting starts 7:30 pm.  Announcements on 146.685

Board Meeting (business sessions) are held on the Monday of the week preceding the Club meeting (check the Calendar) usually at 6pm with business following dinner, usually every other month. Check the calendar or with any Board member for any changes.  A Board/Business meeting may not be held each month depending on how much Club business needs to be handled.


VE Testing is on Hold

 We are sorry to announce we are not providing testing currently.  Please contact Squaw Island ARC (www.siarc.us) or Rochester Amateur Radio Association

(Rochester ham.org) sites, or ARRL.org





  • RACES/ARES NET Sunday at 8:35 pm (check calendar to verify, not held on holidays) on 146.685, pl 71. Contact David Taylor KB2KBY at kd2kby@rochester.rr.com for information.
  • DARC NET  146.745 (pl 7 1.9)  Tue 7pm.  Weather and Rag Chew... All are invited, very informal.   KD2DNO@GMAIL.COM


  • Drumlins ARC is  community service group

Any community group in Wayne County needing communications with an event, such as a parade, walk-a-thon, or bike ride, please contact us for possible help.

Email: drumlinsarc@gmail.com


Keuka Lake MS ride

Keuka Lake MS ride 2015

International Lighthouse Event, Sodus Point NY

International Lighthouse Event, Sodus Point NY

International Lighthouse event, Sodus Point NY

International Lighthouse event, Sodus Point NY



2020 Renewals are coming up soon... If you are a Lifetime member there is no need to re-enroll. All others please go to the Members Area and rejoin for next year.  Please be sure to make any changes or corrections.   Contact Bill  kd@dno at  kd2dno@gmail.com if you need more information.

If you are paying by Cash or Check, be sure to mention that under "Comments" and get your payment to Walter W2WBD at wdutcher@tkcontrols.com


Drumlins Amateur Radio Club (DARC) welcomes all Amateur Radio (Ham) Operators. We serve the Wayne County, New York area and we are the ARES and RACES organization for the area. We work in close conjunction with the Wayne County Emergency Management Office in Lyons, NY and have a radio shack located in the EMO building in Lyons. Our group provides back-up communications for Wayne County EMO and actively participate in drills with the EMO. We work closely with other amateur radio groups in our area, particularly Squaw Island Amateur Radio Club (SIARC) out of Ontario County. Anyone interested in Ham radio activities is welcome to attend our meetings, and hopefully join the club. Drumlins was formed in 1975 and proudly sponsors one of the areas best Hamfest’s, usually in April each year. We have set up a. Yaesu Fusion Repeater on 444.750 (PL 110.9) and upgraded the controller on 146.685 and put up a new antenna and new controller on 146.745 in 2015.

A Sunday Night RACES NET is held most Sundays at 8:35 pm on 146.685 (repeater).  Check the Calendar for changes.  NET is not held on most Sundays with a holiday in the week.

We have A Tuesday night Weather /Rag Chew Net at 7p on 146.745

Any questions or comments?  Email us at   drumlinsarc@gmail.com