Welcome to Drumlins Amateur Radio Club, Ltd.

Meetings every Third Wednesday of the Month at the Wayne County EMO/Sheriff's Office

 7376 State Hwy 31 #1000, Lyons, NY 14489

Doors open at 7 pm, meeting starts 7:30 pm    Announcements on 146.685

RACES NET Sunday at 8:35 pm (check calendar to verify, not held on holidays)


TRAINING ON YAESU FUSION RADIOS: EMO RADIO SHACK. If the front door is locked, call on 146.680 to WA2EMO.

   Thur Dec 3 at 7 pm. Meet at Tom Wahl's at 6 pm if you want to eat dinner.

   Sun Dec 13 at 9 am.  Meet at Cross Park Restaurant at 8am if you want to eat breakfast.


Drumlins Amateur Radio Club Repeaters:

    146.685 WA2EMO RACES/ARES and General Use:  +600 offset; PL tone 71.9

146.745  WA2AAZ  General Use.  +600 offset; PL tone 71.9.  Allstar Node 41524; EchoLink node 310398

444.750  WA2EMO   RACES/ARES and General Usse:  +5 offset;  PL tone 110.9

Affiliated Repeaters:

443.250 N2MKT  General use; + offset; PL tone 110.9.  Features: Weather Alerts, Auto Patch, EchoLink Node 310398; AllStar Node 41512.  Owner: Jeff N2MKT

224.900  N2TKR; General use;  -1.6 offset; PL tone 82.5.  New transmitter and receiver; Huster G7-220 antenna, new duplexers.  Owner:  Tom N2TKR


Thanks to everyone for a very successful season of Public Service!  We will list upcoming events here when they become available.

 If anyone needs radio communication assistance with an event (such as Walks, BikeAThons, etc, send us an email and we will contact you.  Drumlinsarc@gmail.com.  


Keuka Lake MS ride

Keuka Lake MS ride


You may begin re-enrollment for 2016 now.  Your 2016 Membership Card will be available for printing Online after Jan. 1 but you can re-enroll now.  No need to fill in information unless there are changes. Go to "Membership Area", the "Renew Membership".  If you have paid for 2016 or have a Lifetime Membership, there is NO need to re-enroll unless you have changes to your information.  Changes can be made at anytime.

If you are paying by Cash or Check, be sure to mention that under "Comments" and get your payment to Walter N2ZVP.


Drumlins Amateur Radio Club (DARC) welcomes all Amateur Radio (Ham) Operators. We serve the Wayne County, New York area and we are the ARES and RACES organization for the area. We work in close conjunction with the Wayne County Emergency Management Office in Lyons, NY and have a radio shack located in the EMO building in Lyons. Our group provides back-up communications for Wayne County EMO and actively participate in drills with the EMO. We work closely with other amateur radio groups in our area, particularly Squaw Island Amateur Radio Club(SIARC) out of Ontario County. Anyone interested in Ham radio activities is welcome to attend our meetings, and hopefully join the club. Drumlins was formed in 1975 and proudly sponsors one of the areas best Hamfest’s, usually in April each year. We have set up a Yaesu Fusion Repeater on 444.750 (PL 110.9) and upgraded the controller on 146.685 and put up a new antenna and new controller on 146.745 in 2015.

We provide FREE testing for Amateur radio licenses, along with our friends at SIARC. Each county provides the testing on an “every other month” basis. For details click testing for the current contacts and testing schedule. Appointments are not necessary but certainly helpful.

A Sunday Night RACES NET is held most Sundays at 8:35 pm on 146.685 (repeater).  Check the Calendar/

You can email drumlinsarc@gmail.com with any questions regarding testing or other club activities. We hope to see you at a meeting or other activity soon.

11/28/15 WA2EMO WA2AAZ
Status UP UP
Temp N/A 69.44 F
Packet UP UP
EchoLink N/A UP
Internet N/A UP
Batt N/A 12.8 V