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ARRL Western NY Section: ARRL Western NY Section

ARRL Band Plan:

Color Chart (as of 9/22/2017) (PDF shows allocated frequencies and privileges)

The Considerate Operator’s Frequency Guide (PDF)

ARRL Band Plan (site link)

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Local Area Nets

 Local nets in and around the Rochester, NY area.  The nets are always looking for new check-ins so give it a try.

Livingston County NetSaturday8:00 PM147.030 + (PL 110.9)AA2GV
Monroe County ARES/RACES Net (1)Thursday7:00 PM146.610 – (PL 110.9)N2MPE
Ontario County ARES/RACES NetSunday8:00 PM145.450 – (PL 110.9)W2ONT
Orleans County NetTuesday9:00 PM145.270 – (PL 141.3)WA2DQL
ROC City NetSunday7:30 PM145.110 – (PL 110.9)WR2AHLWR2ROC-R8058
ROC City NetWednesday8:00 PM3.826  (LSB)Simplex
Rochester VHF Group 2M NetMonday9:00 PM144.260  (USB)Simplex
Rochester VHF Group 6M NetThursday9:00 PM50.200 (USB)Simplex
The AWA NetMonday7:00 PM145.110 – (PL 110.9)WR2AHLWR2ROC-R8058
The Radio Wave NetMonday7:30 PM146.655 – (PL 110.9)WR2ROC
Wayne County ARES NetSunday8:35 PM146.685 – (PL 71.9)WA2EMO
Western District Net (ARRL NTS)Tues – Sun9:30 PM145.390 – (PL 0.0)K2XZ
Western District Net (ARRL NTS)Monday9:30 PM146.640 – (PL 0.0)K2XZ
Wyoming County ARES NetSaturday12:00 PM147.315 + (PL 141.3)WA2CAM
XRX ARC Net (2)Thursday8:00 PM145.290 – (PL 110.9)W2XRX
(1) Every Thursday except meeting night which is typically the 4th Thursday of the month
(2) Net meets the 1st and 4th Thursday of the month

Internet Radio

 Great way for new hams to reach other states and countries beyond the local 2M VHF range.  Also handy to use when the HF bands are not cooperating.  All you need is a Technician license to use some of the programs noted below.
Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP)

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